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New petition filed against JEE Main answer key, wants bonus marks

“The JEE MAin answer key is flawed since it has wrongly answered 5 questions, which has led to students getting lesser marks than deserved,” said Neeraj Mehrotra, petitioner’s father.

This year JEE Main 2013 is already surrounded by many controversies. With on going petitions against CBSE’s controversial normalisation method, two more petitions were submitted against JEE Main answer key at Hyderabad high court.

Petitioners Yash Mehrotra and V Venkat, JEE aspirants, claimed that the CBSE had erred in checking the answers of five questions for the online JEE (mains) exam held on April 23, 2013.

The petitioners have requested the Hyderabad High Court to direct the CBSE authorities to award them marks for these questions and revise their ranking. The High court has now directed the CBSE to file a reply within seven days.

“Parents are likely to file a case in Supreme Court on Monday against this normalisation formula which has disturbed the ranking system of the NIT examination,” said Neeraj Mehrotra.

CBSE is completely silent on all these issues yet, CBSE spokesperson said that they will comment only after consulting their legal experts.

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