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about the 12 bonus questions in BITSAT!!!!!!!!!

pls tell me whether the 12 extra question have negative marking if the answered them wrong. And what about the english part means the synonyms and antonyms from where can we learn as we may be knowing a lot of good words but if the examiner asks a word which we don't know that is not bad vocabulary but out of luck so tell me from where to learn english.

Posted on 14/5/13
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ghanta bajaao sab samajh jao

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Answered on 14/5/13
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Yes they carries -ve marks !! and for English u cant do anything... yes they asks words beyond our knowledge.. but few of them are easy to judge by checking out options... Vote up if the reply is satisfactory

Answered on 14/5/13
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For english portion , you can go through newspapers .. The Times of India and all.. find some good words and there meanings too... that Might prove helpful in these last few days..

Answered on 14/5/13

huh ! hav u got so miuch time to do such foolish things?

on 15/5/13
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english ka kucch nahi kiya ja sakta, even wthout english u can score good coz approx 80% students ll have less idea in eng and d students who ll have knowledge in these they ll be dumb 4 science so nothing 2 worry...

Answered on 15/5/13

But i think that english will offcourse give benefit to me..i feel so ;)

on 15/5/13

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