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VIT vellore average placement and query related to core companies??

i got mech in vellore campus.. i heard that most of the companies visiting campus are IT not core is it true?? i want to do career in core company , is VIT good place for that?? what is avg package of VIT vellore mechanical..PLZ PLZ help fast i have to make decision...Team u also plz help..

Posted on 23/5/13
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see as far as it is concerned from blogs and seniors... vit places nearly all its students within the bracket range of 3-4 laks per annum... that is the reason they are able to achieve world records in limca gpas dont matter in vit and its not worth to study among 700 students in the batch... when ur paying 3.5lak per annum.. rest is upto u

Answered on 23/5/13
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Average placement will be around 5 lpa! Yes it is good,if not it wont be able to gather up some very sophisticated level of reputation. Average place of mech is around 4 lpa.Best wishes :)

Answered on 23/5/13
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ghanta clgg hh.....fees do degree lo...puraaana naamm hh bas clg ka kyuki pele jaada clges nhi the.. if u r going form north india to there fr admsn ...u r foool...dere are better clges dan fis in north india

Vitianpicture Vitian 10
Answered on 23/5/13
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Just join if u can affrod that...:-)

Answered on 24/5/13

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