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How is IIIT Hyderabad? How to get into it ?

I want an answer ! Please do answer guys.. Is it IIIT H boring or awesome??

Posted on 8/2/14
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Well, i think it is the best in the country after the IITs .Only the top five IITs , i believe , have faculty comparable or better than it.The curriculum is research oriented which helps when applying to universities abroad.The crowd is great and there is cut throat environment. Placements also are very good.The line up of companies is as good as the IITs. It takes admission on the basis of jee main rank,i think,(at least in my time it took on the basis of aieee rank).So over all ,in my opinion , it will be a nice experience.

Answered on 8/2/14
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IIIT Hyderabad is one of the best college for comp. science. Admission ti IIIT Hyderabad will be based on jee main marks only, they don't give any weightage to xii marks.

You should have around 300 marks out of 360 to get seat in IIIT Hyderabad

abhishekpicture abhishek 1974
Answered on 8/2/14
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it is 2nd best collg in india after iitb in comps! u have to get above 300 in jee mains!

Answered on 10/2/14

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